How to Setup a Player Macro to Activate Mobile Ad Autoplay

The final step to activate this functionality on your player is to add the Mobile Ad Autoplay Macro to your player.

Note: This is the third stage in setting up your Player Mobile Ad Autoplay functionality.

To add the Mobile Ad Autoplay Macro to your player, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'PLAYERS' in the Portal menu and select 'PLAYERS'. The players page is displayed.


  3. Optional: Search for the relevant player by entering its name and pressing enter/return. Relevant search results are displayed.

  4. Go to the required Player, click on the 'Menu' icon, and select 'Edit' from the drop down list. The player wizard page is displayed in edit mode.


  5. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'EMBED TAG' tab.


  6. Under the 'MACROS' area, enter the word "o2inline" in the 'NAME' field. Make sure that all the letters are in lower case and that no apostrophes have been entered.

  7. Enter one of the following supported methods in the 'VALUE' field according to the following options:
    • autoplay - Selecting this option will enable the Mobile Ad to playback automatically upon loading. 
    • inline - Selecting this option will enable the Mobile Ad to playback automatically when a certain percent of the player element is in the browser's viewport according to the setting you defined on the Player Playback level (the 'Autoplay when in view' field, set to either: Always, 50% or 25% in your previous setting).
    • off - This will disable the Mobile Ad Autoplay functionality.

  8. Click on 'SAVE'. Your player tag with Mobile Ad Autoplay is ready for embedding.

  9. Click on 'COPY TAG CODE'. Your player tag is saved to your clipboard and ready for embedding in your site.


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