How to Assign a Playlist to a Player

After creating a playlist (either Manual, Dynamic or Combined), you can assign it to a player you prepared earlier.

Note: For further details, please see How to create a Playlist.


Assign a Playlist to a Player

To assign a playlist to an existing player, perform the following steps:

    1. Log in to the Portal by clicking here.


    2. Hover over 'PLAYERS' in the Portal menu and select 'PLAYERS'. The players page is displayed.


    3. Optional: Search for the relevant player by entering its name and pressing enter/return. Relevant results are displayed.


    4. Go to the relevant player and click on the 'Menu' icon. A drop down menu is displayed.

    5. Select 'Edit' from the drop down menu. The player wizard page is displayed in edit mode.


    6. Clicking on the 'Playlist' field will open a search field that will allow you to search and select the required playlist from the drop down list. 

      Note: If you do not have a playlist, please see How to create a Playlist.

    7. Click on 'Save'. Your new playlist is assigned to your player.


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