What is the 360 Player?

Our Player now supports 360º video footage, allowing you to explore the camera's surroundings while viewing the video playback.

This experience is achieved by uploading or viewing a compatible video that was taken by a supported 360º camera.

Note: Our player automatically identifies videos that are given a 360 video type, and render them for 360 viewing.

Note: When a 360º Player loads an instructions banner appears at the top of the player informing the viewer of the 360º Video experience.



360º Player Controls

The 360º Player allows you to navigate your point of view using two main methods:

  • Click & Drag area - Allows you to place the mouse cursor on any point of the player, click to hold the point of view, and drag the cursor to a new position. This will cause the point of view to move.
  • Joystick Point of View Control & Indication - hover over the Joystick icon and click on the area you wish to move the point of view to. The highlighted blue area in the outer ring represents your current point of view 

    Note: You can continue to click your mouse button and move the cursor within the Joystick area to move the point of view to different locations without letting go.



Supported Cameras

Our platform supports the following 360º cameras:

  • Ricoh Theta S.
  • Sphericam.
  • Go Pro Hero4.
  • 360fly.
  • Any Camera that records Equirectangular footage.


Supported OS & Browsers

OS Browser Version
Windows/Mac Chrome 49+
FireFox 45+
Microsoft Edge 13+
Internet Explorer  11+
Safari (Mac only) 9+
iOS (Mobile) Safari iOS 8+
Chrome iOS 8+
Android (Mobile)  Native Browser WebGL Enableded devices
Chrome WebGL Enableded devices




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