How to Search the Portal

The search box allows you to search for any type of content (entities, videos, players, playlist etc.) within the AOL system. The search box is based on the Lucene search syntax allowing you to fine-tune your query for any specific need.

To search, simply enter a word or phrase into the search box. To learn more about the input methods, please refer to Search Syntax Input Methods.

Note: To search through the specific sections in the system (Videos, Players, Playlists, Encoding profiles etc.), you may use the section selector. For further details see How to narrow your search using the section selector.

Note: You can also apply filtering options to your search results. For further details see Filtering options.

Note: Search results are ranked according to their relevance to a search query, most relevant first. Search results are not prioritized according to the shortest title or description.


Search Box Components

The following image and descriptions explain the main components of the search box.




  • Search toggle - Click on this symbol to hide/show the search box.

  • Search query field - Enter your search query in this field and press enter/return or click on the magnifying glass icon (Magnifier.png). 

  • Matching options - Select the required matching type option to assist our search engine to assess your term/query more precisely. For further details see How to Use Video Search Matching Options.

  • Section selector - Click this field and select the required section within the AOL system to narrow your search results to that section only. For further details see How to narrow your search using the section selector.


Search Syntax Input Methods

The search syntax allows you to use the following four methods of entering your search query into the search box:

  • Free-text - Allows you to enter any word or phrase.

    Note: Learn more about free-text search features

    Note: See also How to Use Video Search Matching Options.

  • Keyword - Allows you to limit search results to certain entity attributes such as: a specific content video category/ies etc.

    Note: For keyword examples, click here.

  • Wildcard - Allows you to search for wildcard words based on their identical stems. 

    Note: For wildcard examples, click here.

  • Range - Allows you to search for entities that were created, edited and/or deleted in a specified range of dates.

    Note: For range examples, click here.


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