How to Filter by Upload State

What is the Upload State Filter?

The upload state filter allows you to narrow your results according to progress in which different videos are: Pending, Encoding, Ready or Failed.




How to Apply the Filter

Click on the 'UPLOAD STATE' filter and apply one or more of the following check boxes to narrow down your list of results:

  • Pending - Videos that have been uploaded to the Vidible system and  are currently pending for the encoding.
  • Encoding - Videos that have been uploaded to the Vidible system and are currently undergoing an encoding process.
  • Ready - Videos in the Vidible system that have completed the upload and encoding processes.
  • Failed - Videos that have failed to upload to the Vidible system.

Note: You can view the video's failure reason under the 'MEDIA' tab 'VIDEOS' page.

Note: The default is all states selected.

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