Search Keyword Examples

The following table shows examples and descriptions of how to enter valid keyword search queries using the new platform search box.


Example Description
keyword:"movies", "Breaking News" Searches for the defined keywords. These custom keywords are searched against corresponding metadata entries added to videos. 
categories:"Sports", "Celebrity" Searches in the defined categories only.
feed:"MyFeedName" Searches for a specific feed name.
feedid:54899e72f3p08763018e7d96 Searches for a specific feed ID.
rating:Y, Y-7, G, PG, PG-14 Searches for videos that have any of the applied Ratings.
topics:"news", "lifestyle", "exercising" Searches for videos that have any of the defined topics. 
modificationDate:[2015-01-01 ] Searches for videos that were modified on the defined date. The date syntax is [yyyy-mm-dd].
creationDate:[2015-01-01 TO 2015-01-02] Searches for videos created between the defined dates.
length:>15, <15, 15, Searches for videos longer, shorter and equal to the defined video length (denoted in seconds).
price:<1, >1, 1 Search for prices lower, larger or equal to the defined value or number (denoted in dollars).
language.code: deu, eng, esp Searches for videos according to the defined languages. Use 3 letter language codes. Multiple languages are comma separated.


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