What Guidelines do you Suggest for Editing Metadata?


Metadata is crucial to your videos and can help your content go a long way in  terms of views, exposure, and search engine rankings.

The right title, informative description, and keyword-rich tags can make or  break a video. When the most appropriate search terms within the topics your
content covers are used, you are ensuring that the largest possible target  audience will be able to easily locate your content online.
We aspire to include the exact search phrase in the description as well as the title.

In order to assist you in creating the best possible metadata to accompany  your videos, The AOL On Network has compiled a set of tips for you to
implement when entering the metadata for your videos.


Research has shown that the most successful titles are short, simple and easy  to understand. Titles have a 75-character limit. If the titles are longer, the
system will cut them off at 75 characters and you will be left with a partial  unusable title.

Even in the case of News content, it is best to avoid titles, which are too  editorial, and to instead use the main subject matter as the base of the title.

What Not to Include in the Title
Refrain from using acronyms or abbreviations in your titles: your language and presentation should be as clear as possible. Avoid using periods (full stops),
ampersands (&), except when part of the trademark, e.g. H&M, quotation  marks, and other characters that may be problematic for search engines.

If you have a series of videos on the same topic, for example, yoga – do not  create a series of similar numbered titles, such as Yoga Madness Episode 1,
Yoga Madness Episode 2, etc. Instead, opt for clear, descriptive titles that actually tell your audience what the video is about.

How to Title Examples

  • Bad Title Example: Bread Baking 
  • Revised Title example: How to Bake Bread from Scratch 
  • Bad Title Example: 360 Trick 
  • Revised Title example: How to perform a 360 Skateboard Trick 

News Title Examples

  • Bad Title Example: Spider Spiders Everywhere 
  • Revised Title Example: Floods in Australia Lead to Spiders Spinning Vast Webs 

  • Bad Title Example: Swype It, Don't Type It 
  • Revised Title Example: Swype’s Virtual Keyboard Now Learns from Its Users


Descriptions provide the viewer with additional information on your video. A good video description should summarize the video in a few sentences or a
short paragraph, and include the main phrase and keywords relevant to the video’s topic, but must still make sense as a whole. In our system, there is a
500 character limit, but for better search results, it is suggested that the  description is 200 characters or less. Having a short effective description,
which outlines the main subject of the video, draws the viewer in and entices him/her to click.

What Not to Include in the Description
Do not just copy and paste the title for the description, as it does not add anything more to the searchability of a video. This will not give the viewer any
additional information as to why they should watch this video.

Do not include a link to your website in the description, if needed all social media links will be added to your AOL On studio page.

The category defines where the video will be placed within our network.
You should select the category that best matches your video’s topic, from the list provided to you by your Account Manager.

When choosing a category and sub-category, think about how a user would search for the video. If you are categorizing a news video think about the region in which your video would be most suited and categorize accordingly.

Placing all news videos in General News hinders the video’s chance of correct syndication.


Tags (Keywords)
The words you assign as tags (keywords) should represent the core subject matter of the video, as well as the subject matter in which it falls.

Tags should either be coupled words or mini phrases, similar to the way that you search in Google. Good tags that correspond to the subject matter of the
video means you will surface in the correct accompanying related videos, which in turn will increase your video views.

The Optimal number of tags is 6 – 10. Less and the video may not be syndicated correctly, while more keywords will provide irrelevant text that causes the video to surface in the incorrect searches.

How to Tag Examples 

  • Bad Meta Tags Example: car, clean, correctly, detailers, hand, marks, motion, paint, prevent, scratches, swirl, tip, wash.

  • Revised Meta Tags Example: Car Washing Tips, How to Clean a Car, Car Waxing Tips, Car Polishing Tips, How to Prevent Scratches when Car cleaning, Exterior Car Cleaning Tips 

News Tag Examples:

  • Bad Meta Tags Example: analysis, Asia, Business, business confidence, Canada, china, commentary, economy, europe, exclusive, finance, germany, hong kong, interview, investment, italy, james sweeney, Market, monster beverages, moodys, New York Stock Exchange, news, nyfpbusinesscenter, nyfpmmr, nyse, reports, shares, Stock, stocks, technical, trading, us Revised Meta Tags Example: Global Stocks Fell, Global Debt Crisis, Affects of Depression on Stocks, German Stock Price Decline, Euro Debt Crisis, Eurozone Debt problems 

  • Bad Meta Tags Example: ahead, chose, election, mexico, polls, president, weekend. 

  • Revised Meta Tags Example: Mexico Election, Mexico Presidential Election 2012, Mexico Politics, Mexico Presidential Polls, Who will Win 2012 Mexico Election.
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