What are MAX Stream Tags?

MAX Stream Tags are an easy and scalable way to maximize your video offering, across all article pages in your site, using a single embed code. By placing a single MAX Stream Tag into your website's HTML <head>, MAX Stream can automatically embed up to 3 predefined players into selected target elements in each article page.

We know that user experience is crucial for your audience engagement. That's why MAX Stream only embeds Players after verifying that your article pages does not have any other existing video Players on it.

MAX Stream can be used any of the following Players to give a unique experience based on your preference: 

  • MAX Player / Player with Semantic playlist (Highly Recommended)- Display matching videos based on the title and body of your article page.
  • Player with Dynamic playlist - Display videos according to a predefined search query.
  • Player with Selected videos playlist - Display manually selected videos that you predefined - e.g. a First Right of Sale playlist.


Main Features

  • Embed the embed code once.
  • 3rd party Player detection.
  • Automatically embeds players.
  • Embed up to 3 Players in each page.


How MAX Stream Tags Work

In essence, MAX Stream Tags are connections between Players and your site articles. The following diagram and numbered description explain how MAX Stream Tags operate:



  1. When creating a MAX Stream tag you will first define how many Player Slots you want to use (up to 3). In each slot you need to select which Player you want to embed and define the target element within your webpage where you want the player to be injected into.

    Important! The DIV ID field accepts any .CSS3 selector such as elements, ids and classes. Make sure you are targeting the correct elements in your site.

  2. After setting up and saving your MAX Stream Tag, an Embed code will be generated allowing you to embed it into your websites HTML <head> tags. This will allow the MAX Stream to run on all your website article pages. 

  3. Whenever a new or existing article page is loaded and viewed, the Embed code in the page <head> is invoked and evaluates whether the specific article page has any existing web players such as:
    • Brightcove
    • JW Player
    • Kaltura
    • Ooyala
    • YouTube

Depending on the outcome of the result, MAX Stream will then decide whether to embed any players into your predefined target elements on the web page.

  1. If the webpage has no Players, MAX will proceed to inject the selected Players into the target elements based on the Player Slot settings previously defined.

    Note: If you are using MAX Players or Players with Semantic Playlists, then before the player loads, it will scan the article page title and body and try to retrieve contextually matching videos.
    For further details, please see: What is a MAX Player and What is a Semantic Playlist Placement.



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