How to Copy a MAX Stream Tag Embed Code

To copy your MAX Stream Tag for embedding it on your website, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'MAX' and select 'MAX STREAM TAGS' from the drop down portal menu. The MAX Stream Tags list page is displayed.

  3. Click on the required MAX Stream Tag to open it. Your MAX Stream Tag details page is displayed.


  4. Under the 'MAX STREAM TAG' area, click on the 'Copy tag' icon (Copy_icon.jpeg). Your MAX Stream Tag is copied to the clipboard and ready for embedding on your website.

  5. Important! Before embedding the MAX Stream Tag on your website, the 'YOUR_ARTICLE_ID' placeholder is required to be replaced with the ID of the article page which is invoking the MAX Stream Tag. The Article ID needs to be replaced on the fly with every page load, therefore we recommend implementing a custom function on your page that will do this automatically.

    Note: Dynamically injecting the article ID placeholder provides a way to generate more granular reporting capabilities. The Article ID Placeholder is marked as Bold in the following MAX Stream Tag example:
    <script src="//" max-id="5a55ef4feb622f000113e0e4" article-id="{YOUR_ARTICLE_ID}"></script>

    Let's say your article ID is static and has a value of 12345678. In this case, your MAX Stream Tag embed code should resemble the following:
    <script src="//" max-id="5a55ef4feb622f000113e0e4" article-id="12345678"></script>

  6. Continue to Embedding your MAX Stream Tag in your Webpage.
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