How To Create a Role


To create a Role, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'ADMIN' in the Portal menu and select 'ROLES'. The Roles page is displayed.

  3. Click on 'CREATE NEW ROLE'. A new Role Details page will open displaying the 'BASIC INFORMATION' tab.


  4. Enter a name for your role in the 'ROLE NAME' field.

  5. Click on the 'COMPANY' field to search and select the company that will own your role.

    Note: The default company is inherited from the user's company context menu.

  6. Enter a description for your role in the 'DESCRIPTION' field.

  7. Optional: Select the 'PUBLIC SYSTEM ROLE' toggle to share your role across all business types in the Portal.

    Note: The 'PUBLIC SYSTEM ROLE' toggle cannot be deselected when editing a role. To stop sharing a role that is already created, duplicate it, deselect the 'PUBLIC SYSTEM ROLE' toggle in the duplicated role, then delete the old role.

    Note: The 'PUBLIC SYSTEM ROLE' toggle is selectable for all users who have access to Role entity.


  8. Go to each of the tabs in the Role Details page to view the required groups of permissions according to the following table:

    Field Description
    BASIC INFORMATION Under the 'ENTITIES AND FEATURES' area, click on the relevant permissions group to set permissions for a required entity.

    Note: Each permissions group corresponds to a relevant item in the Portal menu and contains permissions for the entities located under those items in the Portal menu. For example, if you want to set permissions for Video entity, go to the 'MEDIA' permissions group.

    Click on the relevant reporting permissions group to set the required access scope to reports, reporting entities and reporting features according to the following options:

    • REPORTING ENTITIES - Click on this reporting permissions group to set access to the reporting entities for your role.
    • REPORTING FEATURES - Click on this reporting permissions group to select reporting features for your role.

      Note: To learn how to set access to the specific reports for your role, please refer to How to Manage Reports in the Role Details page.
    ADMINISTRATION Click on the relevant administration permissions group to define the scope of administration rights for your role.

  9. Select the required permissions by clicking on the relevant checkboxes.

    Note: For more details on the order of permissions selection, please refer to How to Select Permissions for Your Role.

  10. Optional: Search for a specific permission you want to set by typing its name in the 'Search permission...' field.

    Note: For more details on how to search for the permissions using the 'Search permission...' field, please refer to How to Use Search in the Role Details page.

  11. Click on 'SAVE'. Your role is saved and can be now assigned to a User.
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