Ingestion FAQ

Why aren’t my videos uploading from my feed into the portal?

  1. Run your feed through a validator to see if there are any errors.
  2. Check the media content URL to make sure there are no errors
  3. Check the pubdate to ensure it is not set to the future
  4. Confirm there are no expiration times in the media URL or feed URL that would prevent videos from being ingested


Why do I need to add Keywords and Categories to each video asset?

            Videos are unable to appear in search if they do not have categories and keywords associated with each video asset.  Categories allow the video to be placed in large category grouping and keywords allow for more niche searching within that category.  Many editors search by category and then use keyword phrases to find a video that better matches their article.  Many editors also use semantic searches, as they write their article videos will appear in a search bar that match metadata with the words they are typing in their article.  Your video might be the best match for an article but the video will not be surfaced if it does not have a proper category and keywords.

 Why can’t my video or thumbnail be smaller than 1280x720?

If a video is smaller than 1280 x 720 the video will be stretched to fit the player.  This will cause the video to become blurry and pixelated.

 Why does my video look blurry or pixelated?

Please confirm your video is at least 1280x720.  If it is not, the portal is going to stretch the video which will cause a pixilation effect.

What should my feed look like?


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