Metadata Best Practices

Optimizing metadata will help your content go a long way in terms of views, discoverability and search engine rankings.

When the most appropriate search terms are used, you are ensuring the largest possible target audience will be able to locate the content.


                  -Most successful titles are short, simple and easy to understand (75- 85 characters)

                  -Use main subject matter as base of title

                  - Spell out whole numbers below 10

                  - Quotes are place in single quotes

  Do not include:

                  - Acronyms

                  - Abbreviations

                  - Periods

                  - Ampersands (except when part of a trademark)

                  - Semicolons

                  - Exclamations

- Do not create series of similar numbered titles such as “Yoga Madness Episode 1,        Yoga Madness Episode 2 etc”


“How to” Title Examples (informative videos should have ‘How to’ or in case of food, ‘Recipe’ at the end)

Bad Title Example: Bread Baking

Revised Title Example: How to Bake Bread from Scratch

Bad Title Example: 360 Trick

Revised Title Example: How to Perform a 360 Skateboard Trick


“News” Title Examples

Bad Title Example: Spiders Spiders Everywhere

Revised Title Example: Floods in Australia Lead to Spiders Spinning Vast Webs

 Bad Title Example: Swype It, Don’t Type It

Revised Title Example: Swype’s Virtual Keyboard Now Learns from Its Users

We do not capitalize the following in titles.

Articles: a, an, the
Conjunctions: and, but, or, not
Prepositions that are fewer than five letters long: at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over (*unless used as a verb), up, with;

For all other words, capitalize the first letter of the word (e.g. “Blizzard Conditions Predicted for New York City”)


  • Provides the viewer with additional information on your video
  • Summarizes the video in a few sentences
  • Include the main phrase and keywords relevant to video’s topic
  • Suggested under 200 characters

    Do Not Include:

  • Do not copy and paste the title
  • No links
  • All capitalized words
  • Excessive punctuation
  • Excessive ellipses



  • Defines where the video will be placed in the network
  • Select category that matches video topic
    • We understand videos can be placed in more than one category, please select the category that best represents the overall story of the video

    Do Not Include:

  • More than one category selection
  • Others or General Categories



  • Representation of core subject matter of the video
  • Couple words or mini phrases
  • Optimal number of tags is 10
  • Increases searchability

    Do Not Include:

  • Single words
  • Duplicate words
  • Copy of title, description or category
  • Irrelevant words


“How To” Keyword Examples

- Bad Keyword Example: car, clean, correctly, detailers, hand, marks, motion, paint, prevent, scratches, swirl, tip wash

- Revised:  Car washing tips, how to clean a car, car waxing tips, car polishing tips, how to prevent scratches, car scratches, exterior car cleaning, car cleaning tips


“News” Keyword Examples

- Bad Keyword Example: analysis, asia, business, Canada, china, commentary, economy, Europe, exclusive, finance, Germany, market, reports

- Revised: global stocks fell, global debt crisis, effects of depression, stock depression,  stock price, german stock, stock market, Eurozone debt problems


- Bad Keywords: ahead, chose, election, mexico, polls, president, weekend

- Revised: Mexico Election, mexico presidential election, mexico politics, mexico presidential polls


  • Categorizes the video for correct syndication
  • Default is English



  • Textual record of spoken language
  • May be in form of voiceover, script or article
  • URLs are welcome for SEO purposes and to link to articles
  • Enriches metadata
  • Helps with placement
  • Assist publishers and editors in choosing appropriate videos for articles and sites



  • Preview image for your video
  • Helps encourage clicks
  • Required size is 1280x720 pixels (optimal 1920x1080)
  • Text only if necessary
  • Clear images

Reasons Videos will be archived:

Duplicates: A video should only live in the portal in one location to ensure all views and reporting are accurate to the one video.

Audio/Visual Errors: Videos that cut out or have any video or audio issues will be archived to preserve premium content

Incorrect Video File: If a video is uploaded under incorrect metadata, the video will be archived.

Branded Content: Editorial policy prohibits the distribution of third party branded content.  This includes display of brand logos, sponsored series, product tie-ins, web referrals and sponsorship spots.  Branded Campaigns can be arranged via our Branded Syndication Group (add link).

Low Definition (LD) Videos: As higher resolution screens are developed for the four screens, we no longer accept LD assets. LD content causes lower engagement with content for the client and for Oath.


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