MRSS Feed Requirements

What are MRSS Feeds?


MRSS feeds are a form of media syndication that allows you to mass upload your video content to the Portal.  MRSS feeds allow you to apply customized metadata at the feed level that will be automatically attributed to all content videos uploaded using that feed. 

This allows for content to be optimized by you and automatically ingested into our system.

MRSS feeds are updated frequently, so whenever you have a new video you can post it to the URL to be automatically loaded.

In order for our editors and publishers to locate your videos efficiently in search we require the following parameters:


Optional Parameters:


Example Feed:


Troubleshooting and Tips:

Please make sure to run your feed through an MRSS feed validation tool prior to submitting to our team, in order to avoid potential problems.

 Un-encoded or “Special” Characters:

Problems can arise by having un-encoded characters in your feed such as:


Please encode these characters if your feed contains them.


Security Limits:

If your feed has security limits, such as password protection or a security token, Oath might not be able to ingest the feed.  Please contact the Content Strategies and Solutions Team for more information.

If your videos have expiration times, Oath might not be able to ingest the videos in time and this will result in a delay in ingestion throughout the whole system.  Please contact the Content Strategies and Solutions Team if your videos have expirations.


Video Quality:

Videos should be in 16:9 aspect ratio.

                  1080p: 1920x1080

                  720p: 1280x720

Accepted formats are .mp4 or .mov.


Thumbnail Quality:

Thumbnails must be in 16x9 aspect ratio and the width should be specified if there are several variants for each video item.

                  -1280x720 96 DPI (required)

                  -1920x1080 96 DPI (preferred)


Closed Captions:

We support SRT, VTT, DFXP, .TT and XML formats.

Ensure language is selected when uploading caption file.



Each asset should be categorized according to the video’s subject/topic- if you are unsure about how to categorize your content, please consult the Content Solutions Team.  Please include only ONE category per video.  Categories should be written in the feed as the lowest desired level of the IAB category.  For example, if your video fell under “Movies & TV/Movies/Reviews,” you would only need to supply “Reviews” as your selected category in the feed.  For a complete list of categories, consult our IAB category documentation.


Alternately, we do accept category specific feeds, where the entire feed is relevant to one subcategory only.  For example, if you maintain 3 different series, one focusing on Tech News, another on Celebrity News, and a third on Pet Virals we can accept 3 separate feeds and can map accordingly. 


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