Where do I choose which company / player I want to run my report for?

 There are two modes of filter values selection:

  1. Selecting filter values when running a report. When you create a report in the Report Designer, you pick a company filter and, optionally, an additional filter - let's take player as an example. Then, once you go to view the report, you will be prompted to enter a name of a specific company and a name of a specific player.  The report runs for your specified company and player.

    Note: For more details, please refer to How to Run a Report.

  2. Selecting filter values with preselected filters. When creating a report in the Report Designer, you activate 'Preselected filters' slider and pick values for your filters directly in the report create page. Then, your report runs with your specified default filter values.

    Note: For more details, please refer to How to Define Preselected Filters.
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