What are Macros?

Macros are a general name for either, parameters that can be applied to a Player to enforce a certain functionality, or placeholders used to retrieve data using the Player or Delivery Service during run-time.


The following table describes the three main types of Macros we support:


Macro Type Description  Applied to
Enforcement Macros Parameter and value pairings that are applied to Players to enforce a certain functionality.
  • Player (using the Portal).
  • Player tag embed code (using an HTML editor).
Query string Macros Essentially enforcement macros that are also support being passed using the URL Address bar. These are mostly used for testing out specific features without the need to re-embed the player tag embed code.
  • Browser URL address bar.
Resolving Macros

Placeholder values that are automatically resolved by either the Player or Delivery Service. Mostly used in the context of Ad Campaigns/Targeting Rules to pass relevant targeting data to an Ad Server.

Note: For further details, please see Ad Campaign/Targeting Rule Resolving Macros (Placeholders).

  • Ad Campaign VAST URL.
  • Targeting Rule VAST URL.

Note: For our complete list of supported macros, please see Supported Macros List.



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