What are Dimensions and Metrics

Dimensions and Metrics are the actual data that is displayed in your report.  You select them when setting up each report Section.

To explain how dimensions and metrics work, let's consider the following example:
Let's say you want to create a report for your company that will show how many Video Views each video you uploaded has obtained. Then, this is what you will consider when selecting your dimensions and metrics:

  • Metrics are the actual numerical data that is accumulated and stored in our system. In regard to our example above, we would like to select Video Views and/or Video Completions or any other measurable data to be used in our report. By selecting these values you are actually defining what data you want to view.

  • Dimensions are aspects used to slice your metric data. In regard to our example, we would like to slice the Video Views and Completions according to a Video Name and/or ID. This will aggregate all the data accordingly so you can see exactly how many views each video under your selected company has obtained.

Assuming we have only 2 videos named "Video A" and "Video B" and each of them obtained 525,000 video views since they were uploaded, your report will resemble this:


Video Name Video Views
Video A 525,000
Video B 525,000


Note: Video Name is a Dimension, and Video Views is a Metric.



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