Navigating the Manage Reports Page


The Manage Reports page allows you to browse, search, sort and arrange reports. Using this page you can:

  • Search - Allowing you to search for videos by name, topic, categories etc.
  • Sorting options - Allowing you to sort the reports according to a variety of criteria.
  • Report managing actions - Allowing you to apply a variety of management actions to each of the reports separately.
  • Report creation - The ability to upload videos manually specifically for our Content Owner partners.

Note: The Manage Reports page can be reached by clicking on 'REPORTS'-->'ALL REPORTS' or just on 'REPORTS'.

Note: The reports displayed in the Manage Reports page depend on your Company's Content Visibility, Role permissions, and User. You will only be able to see and access reports that are either publicly available, shared specifically with your company or created by your user.

Manage Reports Page Components

The following image and explanations describe the main components available in the Manage Reports page:



  • Report Groups - Allows you to access different groups of reports according to the following options:
    • ALL - All reports in the Manage Reports page.
    • STANDARD REPORTS - Sample reports created by our product management team and made available for all users.
    • MY FAVORITE REPORTS - Any reports in the Manage Reports page starred by your user as favorites to enable quick access to them.
    • MY CUSTOM REPORTS - Reports created by your user.
    • ARCHIVED - All archived reports.

  • Search -  Allows you to search for reports by entering search words for a report name or description.

  • Add to Favorites - Allows you to add reports to 'My Favorite Reports' group. You can star each video separately or star all of your search results.

  • Create New Report - Clicking on this button will allow you to create a new report.

  • Sort Results - Allows you to set the order of the reports according to the top row elements. Click on the element you want to sort by, then use the arrow button on the right of an element to set the sorting order as either ascending or descending or to cancel sorting.

  • Report Actions Menu - Clicking this icon will open a drop-down menu with the following additional actions:
    • Open - Allows you to open the selected report for further running it.
    • Edit - Allows you to access the selected report create page to modify its details.
    • Duplicate - Allows you to duplicate the selected report and modify it in the report create page.
    • Archive - Allows you to archive the selected report and restore it later on if required.
    • Unarchive - Allows you to unarchive the selected report.
    • Remove - Allows you to permanently remove the selected report from the Portal.

  • Reports List - Displays the list of reports available to your user.




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