How to Copy From a Report

The 'Copy from' option allows you to leverage existing reports and tweak them for your specific reporting needs. Using this capability, you can copy all definitions from an existing report (including filters and sections).  

To copy from a report, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the report create page by either Creating a new report or Editing an existing one. A 'Design Report' page will open displaying the 'BASIC INFORMATION' tab.


  2. Go to the 'COPY FROM EXISTING REPORT' field and search for a specific report you want to copy from by entering its name and selecting the relevant report from the drop-down menu.

    Note: You can only copy from a report your user has access to.

  3. Optional: Continue to modify your report according to the instructions described here: How to Create a ReportHow to Apply Filters to Your Report, How to Apply Sections to Your Report.

  4. Click on one of the following options to save your report:
    • SAVE - Selecting this option will save your report a remain in the report edit mode.
    • SAVE AS NEW REPORT - Selecting this option will save the report as a separate one and redirect you to the 'MANAGE REPORTS' screen.
    • SAVE & RUN - Selecting this option will save the report and redirect you to the run report screen.

      Note: If you have selected Save & Run, please continue to How to Run a Report.


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