How to Approve/Reject the Video Comments

Important! Internal brands should reach out to the Trust & Safety team for guidance on moderation by emailing

To moderate the video comments, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Portal by clicking here.


  2. Hover over 'TOOLS' and go to 'OPEN VOICE' in the Portal menu. An additional menu is displayed.

  3. Click on 'MODERATION SYSTEM'. A Reported Open Voices page is displayed and a playback of the first video comment in the list automatically starts.

  4. Optional: Click on the required video comment to start its playback.


  5. After viewing the video comment, select a button to moderate it according to the following table:

    Field Icon Description
    Approve Approve_icon.jpg Select this option to approve the video comment and add it to the video comments gallery.
    Spam Spam_icon.jpg Select this option if the video comment contains spam. The video comment will be rejected and deleted from the video comments gallery.
    Inappropriate Inappropriate_icon.jpg Select this option if you think that the video comment is inappropriate. The video comment will be rejected and deleted from the video comments gallery.

    Your video comment is moderated and the relevant status message is displayed in the top bar.

    Note: After you finish moderating a video comment, this video comment's card will automatically hide, and the next video comment playback will automatically start.


  6. Optional: Click on 'Undo' near the moderated video comment status indication in the top bar to change the status of the video comment. Then click on one of the moderation actions buttons according to the options described in step 5.

  7. Continue moderating the video comments repeating steps 4 to 6.

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