Navigating the Open Voice Pane

The following image and explanations describe the main components available in the Open Voice Widget in an article page:




  • Click to Pin - Clicking on this button pins the open voice widget pane to keep it expanded when the cursor is removed from it.

  • Video Comments Count - The indication of a total number of uploaded video comments for this article.

  • Add New Comment - Clicking on this button opens the camera to start recording of a new video comment.

  • Click to Login - Login to manage your posted video comments.

    Note: Currently, you can sign in to the Open Voice only using your Yahoo account.

  • Video Comments Previews - Hovering over the Open Voice Widget in the article page unfolds the pane with the video comments previews cards and open voice action buttons.

    Note: Hovering over any of the cards starts the video playback with sound, while the rest of the cards play back muted.

  • Navigation Buttons - Clicking on these arrow buttons moves you to the next/previous portion of video comments.


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