What are Playlists and Placements?

What is a Playlist?
A Playlist is an object used to group one or more video Placements to be played back by our player. Each placement can be either Semantic, Dynamic, Manually selected videos or Nested Playlist.


What is a Placement?

A placement is a grouping of videos that can be one of the following types:

  • Manually Selected Video Placements - A placement allowing you to cherry pick specific videos that will be added to your Playlist playback order.

  • Dynamic Query Placement - A placement used to dynamically retrieve videos according to a set search query, filtering, and sorting options.

  • Semantic Placement (Only one) - A placement set at the beginning of a playlist used to automatically generate a dynamic query placement based on the text of the web page where the referencing player is embedded in.

  • Nested Playlist Placement - A placement that contains a previously created playlist inside. This type of placement can be used to add an already existing playlist to the playback of a playlist you create and/or combine several existing playlists within one playlist.

Note: Playlists playback the placements according to their order from left to right.

Note: If a Semantic or Dynamic placement does not return any videos the Playlist will continue to the next placement in line.


Note: The numeric indication on the top left corner of each video/placement shows the playback position of the video within the playlist.



  • You cannot add more than 1,000 videos in total to a single playlist. This includes any manually selected videos, Dynamic query placements and any Semantic placements.

    E.g If you have 2 Dynamic Placement with a cap of 100 videos each. You will be able to add either 799 manually selected videos and 1 Semantic placement.



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