How to Set Camera Access for Google Chrome

Before starting to record a video comment, check if your web browser is allowed to access your camera and microphone.

To set your camera and microphone for recording in Google Chrome, perform the following steps:


  1. In the pop-up window that automatically appears after Chrome addresses to your camera to start recording a video, click on 'Allow'. The website is now allowed to access your camera.


  2. Optional: If no pop-up window appears, click on the 'View site information' button in the URL bar of the article page.

  3. Optional: Under the 'Camera' field, click on the arrow button and select 'Always allow on this site' to allow this website automatically access your camera.


  4. Optional: Repeat step 3 for the 'Microphone' field.

    Note: For more details on how to set site permissions in Google Chrome, please refer to  Google Chrome Help.


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