Inventory Source & Marketplace Connection Setup Best Practice

As mentioned in our Video SSP Ad Request Eligibility article, both Marketplace Connections and Inventory Sources include sets of criteria used to filter out ad opportunities that are not eligible for sale in our Marketplaces. The main reason being a mismatch between VAST and/or VPAID inventory that is not compatible with the available demand in the Marketplace.

To reduce the risk of your video inventory being filtered out, this article will guide you through the main considerations that you must take into account when setting up your video inventory for sale on the Video SSP platform.


Main Considerations

There are several considerations you must take into account before setting up your video inventory for sale:

1. List your media (Domains)
Prepare a full list of all your domain properties that will be allowlisted for requesting ads. This list should be set up in all your Inventory Sources and Marketplace Connections and must match between themselves in order to pass ad requests.

2. Check your device breakdown
Check what platforms and devices are accessing your properties the most - understanding, if most of your traffic is on Desktop or Mobile, can help you split your inventory for better fill.

3. Check your player support
Check what limitations your web and mobile players have to ensure the correct ad type will be returned (VAST, VPAID Flash/HTML5 JavaScript).

Note: For further details, please see Platform/Device VAST & VPAID Support Differences.


Best Practice Setup

After reviewing all the considerations, you can continue to setup your Inventory Sources and/or Marketplace Connections using the following guideline. The following guide is written on the assumption that your content is accessed from multiple devices and players.

Important! We recommend adhering to the following best practice, as deviations or generalizations will cause most of your ad requests to be lost.

Note: The following guide is written on the assumption that your content is accessed from multiple devices and players.

1. Split your Inventory Sources into 2 Types

  • In-stream video - Video ads that will play on a web player.
  • Outstream - Video ads that will play within an Outstream player. For further details, please see What is the Outstream Player?



2. Split each Inventory Source Type into Desktop, Mobile App & Mobile Web Marketplace Connections

Marketplace Connection entities are the main gateways for your ad opportunities to access Video SSP Marketplaces. Wheater you are working with or without Inventory Source tags, you must split your Marketplace Connection tags into the following 3 groups:

  • Desktop - Allow both VAST and VPAID JS and Flash. 
  • Mobile App VAST Only - Allow only VAST + Wrapper.
  • Mobile Web VPAID JS Only - Allow only VPAID JS + Wrapper + Failover.


If you have both In-Stram Video and Outstream Inventory types you should split your Marketplace Connection for each Inventory type separately.




3. Inventory Source Criteria Should be Less Lenient than Marketplace Connection Criteria
If an Inventory Source tag is used to transfer ad requests from all kinds of sites, devices, and players into the Video SSP platform. In this case, it is crucial that your Inventory Source criteria won't filter out any requests that might be eligible by the criteria set in your Marketplace Connections.

For example: Setting your Inventory Source to accept only VAST 3.0 ad requests will limit the number of requests if one or more of your players does not support this standard. But if you allow your Inventory Source to accept VAST 2.0 ad requests, this will also allow VAST 3.0 requests to be passed into the Inventory Source.

In general, Marketplace Connection criteria should be more strict than Inventory Source criteria. This way you can create your own tiering by having your Marketplace Connections suit different types of requests and pass them into appropriate Marketplaces for sale.

Important! You should have at least one Marketplace Connection for every inventory group mentioned in points 1 and 2.

Note: For further details, please see Video SSP Ad Request Eligibility.


4. Media Domains Must Match
Domains listed in your Inventory Sources must also be listed in your Marketplace Connections. If you only list them on the Inventory Source level, all ad requests coming from you Inventory Source will be filtered out by the Marketplace Connection criteria.

Note: For further details, please see Video SSP Ad Request Eligibility.



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