What is a Video SSP Marketplace?

In the context of the Video SSP platform, a Marketplace is an enclosed environment used to facilitate ad opportunity transactions between Publishers (Sellers) and Advertisers and/or Ad Agencies (Buyers).

Publishers sell their ad opportunity inventory to Advertisers that in turn fill them with advertisements that will be shown to relevant audiences on the Publisher's sites.


Looking at the following diagram, you will see on the left-hand side that Publishers are able to offer their Ad Opportunities for sale within the Video SSP Marketplace using an entity called a Marketplace Connection. On the right-hand side, Buyers (such as: Advertisers, Ad Agencies, and Resellers) upload and assign their digital ads using entities called Campaigns. When an Ad Opportunity matches both the criteria of the Marketplace Connection and the Campaign this becomes a form of acceptance to the Seller's offer which will respond with an advertisement.

Note: For further details, please see Marketplace Connections.



How Many Marketplaces Are There?

The Video SSP Platform isn't limited to one Marketplace and offers the following Marketplace solutions for inventory selling:

  • OVM (Online Video Marketplace) - Our main public marketplace for transactions between all of our partnering Sellers and Buyers.

  • Outstream - Our public marketplace for Outstream ad opportunity sales.

  • Premier - Our marketplace for premier publishers offering high-end demand.

  • Direct - Our marketplace for premier Ad Networks.

  • PMP (Private Marketplaces) - Private marketplaces can be created upon request and are used to facilitate direct deals using specific Deal IDs.


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