Inventory Source Ad Serving Logic

What is an Inventory Source?

Inventory Sources, also known as "Master Tags", are entities within the Video SSP platform used to communicate and sell ad opportunities coming from Publisher properties into multiple Marketplaces and/or to Digital Ad Campaigns setup by Buyers such as Advertisers and Ad Agencies.

Inventory Sources include specific criteria settings to identify the supported technologies and types of ad opportunities being provided by the Publisher's players. Based on these criteria, our platform looks for any matching Marketplace Connections and/or Campaign.

After an Inventory Source has been set up in the system, it is possible to produce an Inventory Source tag that can be implemented into any Oath or 3rd Party video player.
When that Player reaches an Ad Opportunity, it will trigger a request to the Inventory Source tag to return an advertisement response. 


Inventory Source Waterfall Tiering Logic

The following numbered diagram and descriptions explain how Inventory Sources connect to Marketplace Connections and Campaigns.


When using an Inventory Source tag you are actually enabling a two-tier waterfall logic to be invoked. 

  1. Tier 1: High Priority Campaigns - The first tier (highlighted in purple) is a direct connection to any Digital Ads, residing in Campaigns, that have a 'Priority' setting between 1 to 10 (1=high, 10=low). These are ads that are targeted to your Inventory Source by buyers to facilitate direct deals you might have with them.

    Campaigns also have criteria settings, so the validated ad request coming from the Inventory Source must match the criteria of the campaign. Common campaign criteria are usually specific site lists (domains), geographical targeting and devices.

    Note: If you have several campaigns with different priorities the one with the highest priority will win and be served back.

    Note: For a more detailed explanation, please see How 'Inventory Source to Priority Campaigns' Logic Works.

  2. Tier 2: Low Priority Campaigns and Marketplace Connections - If no high priority Campaigns match the ad request, the system will fall back to the next tier that looks for matching Marketplace Connections and low priority Campaigns (the two arrows highlighted in blue).

    Note: A low priority Campaign is a campaign that has a Digital ad with a 'priority' setting of 11 (the lowest priority available in the scale).

    Together all the low priority Campaigns and Marketplace connections will compete together to fill the ad opportunity request.

    Note: This will also occur if no priority 1 -10 Campaigns exist.

    Note: For a more detailed explanation, please see How Inventory Source to Low Priority Campaigns and Marketplace Connections' Logic Works.




  • Ad requests made by a player must match all the criteria defined in all the entities such as: Inventory Source, Marketplace Connection, and Campaign Digital Ad criteria in order to be eligible for fill.
    Otherwise, the request will not be eligible for any sale in Marketplaces.
    For further details, please see Video SSP Ad Request Eligibility.

    Example: If your Inventory Source is set to accept Mobile App ad requests only and your Marketplace Connection criteria is set up for Desktop, all ad requests from your Inventory Source will not be allowed into the Marketplace for sale.


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