What do the MIN and MAX Fields do in the Content Notification Page?

The MIN and MAX fields appear in each Playlist Section of your Content Notification page. These fields control how many videos will be sent out using the Content Notification email.

  • MAX (Maximum number of videos) - This field defines the maximum number of videos that will be pulled from the selected Playlist and displayed in the Content Notification Email. This field accepts a value between 1 to 10. 
  • MIN (Minimum number of NEW content videos) - This field defines the minimum number of NEW videos that must be inclided within Content Notification in relation to both the MAX setting and previously sent Notifications. This field accepts a value between 1 to 10.


The best way to explain how the MIN and MAX fields work is using the following example:

Let's say we have two Playlists that we are going to assign to our Content Notification. Playlist that contains 50 videos and we assign this Playlist to one of our Sections in our Content Notification. The 'MAX' field controls how many videos to pull from the selected Playlist, similarly to the '

  • Playlist A - has a total of 18 videos.
  • Playlist B - has just 7 videos.


Each playlist is then assigned to its own Playlist Section in the Content Notification page (Section A and Section B accordingly).In this example, we have set the MIN and MAX fields identically for both of our Playlist Sections when MAX is set to 6 and MIN to 3. Each time the Content Notification is sent, the MAX and MIN values are evaluated in relation to the assigned playlist and the relevant videos and sections are sent accordingly within the Email.


First Time Send

Upon sending the Content Notification on the first time, Both sections A & B will send out the first 6 consecutive videos from their assigned playlists (highlighted in green).




Second Send

When sending out the Content Notification for the second time, this is when the MIN setting kicks into action in this specific example. As you remember, the MIN field has been set to 3 and the MAX field to 6. This means that this time, the Content notification will send out 6 videos but only 3 of them must be new ones that were not sent out previously.

In this case, Playlist A that still has 12 New videos remaining in it, will take 3 New videos (highlighted in green) together with 3 previously sent videos (highlighted in yellow) that will be sent out in this notification.

Playlist B, on the other hand, had only 7 videos to start with. As the MIN field setting required at least 3 New videos, this requirement cannot be fulfilled with the Playlist and therefore no videos from Playlist B will be sent out.

Note: Highlighted in red are videos that were sent out in the previous notification but are excluded as they exceed the MAX setting.




Third Send

From the third send and onward, Playlist A will continue to progress 3 videos at a time, sending out 3 New Videos (highlighted in green) together with 3 previously send videos (highlighted in yellow).

Playlist B, on the other hand, will continue to be blocked until either 2 new additional videos will be added to the Playlist (to comply with the MIN field requirement), or until the MIN field setting itself is modified to 1 allowing the at leas 1 new video to send out a notification.



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