What are Content Notifications?

Content Notifications allow you to send out automated playlist email notifications to registered users within the Portal.  This feature can be used for a variety of purposes such as: update publishers about new content made available in the portal or even notifying yourself of newly matched videos for a specific query you were searching for.

Content Notifications will allow you to engage your publishers beyond the realm of the Portal and syndicate help communicate your video offering. 

Note: All content notification undergo a verification process that will ensure the videos communicated by a content notification will not breach any content owner restrictions based on each users owning company.


How do Content Notifications Work?

When creating a Content Notification, you are selecting a list of Users to which you want to send out video recommendations too. Each Content Notification is sent out to either manually selected Users or to predefined Subscriber lists (Email User groups).

After setting up which Users/Subscribers will receive the notification, you can continue to set up the actual content that will be sent out. Each Content Notification is structured to hold up to three Sections that each of them can include a Playlist. In Addition to the selected Playlist, each section also has a MIN and MAX settings that control how many videos in total will be sent, and how many of them must be new videos in relation to the last content notification.




Content Notification Email Structure


  • User name - Each Content Notification email is personalized using the Name of the User as it appears in the portal User page.

  • E-Mail template description - This area displays the message you define in your Content Notification E-mail template description.

  • Playlist section - A section within the E-mail used to display videos from an assigned playlist. 

    Note: Each Content Notification can hold up to a total of 3 Playlist sections.

  • Playlist display name - A custom name for your Playlist Section as defined in your Content Notification template.

  • Link to video - Clicking on either the video thumbnail or the video title will open a new browser window and direct you to the relevant video in the portal.

  • Video ID - Displays the Video ID of the relevant video allowing you to copy and paste it directly into the portal.

  • Video Description - Displays the description of the video as defined by the content owner in the portal.






  • Each Content Notification can hold up to 3 Playlists only.
  • Currently, Content Notifications do not have scheduling capabilities - this will be added in the near future.

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