How to Filter by Geo

What is the Geo Filter?

The geo (geographical location) filter allows you to narrow your results to videos that are available for playback in specified geographical locations. Filtering by a selected country displays videos, which are available for viewing in this country.


How to Apply the Filter

Click on the 'GEO' filter to select one or more countries to narrow down your list of results. You may also enter a country name in the 'Find Geo' search field and select a country from the drop down list.

Note: Each selected country has a Hide/Show button that can be used to either include or exclude the relevant geo-targeted videos from appearing in your list of results.

For example, let's say you have a video that is allowlisted to the United States and you have another video allowlisted to Canada. When you select both United States and Canada in your geo filter, all the videos available in both countries are displayed. But if you select the 'Hide' button on say, United States, your list of results will exclude the video that is allowlisted to the United States from your list of results.

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