How to Copy your Player Tag Embed Code

What is a Player Tag?

The Player Tag is a piece of code that is embedded into your website or 3rd party player, responsible for requesting and retrieving the Player. There are many types of Player Tags, but the most common one is the 'Standard' or 'Standard secure' tags which are used for embedding a Player in HTML web pages.



Copy your Player Tag Embed Code

To copy your Player Tag Embed Code, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Go to the 'Embed Tag' tab using one of the following methods:
    • Either click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'EMBED TAG' tab.
    • Or Click on the three dot shortcut icon Icon-grab-code-shortcut.jpg located on the 'COPY TAG CODE' button on the Player Wizard footer.


  1. Under the 'EMBED TAG' tab, go to the 'TYPE AND COMPANY' area and apply the required fields according to the following table:

    Field Name Description
    Tag type

    Click on this field and select the required player tag embed code format option from the drop down list. This field will modify the embed code according to the required format. 

    Note: By default, the Tag Type field is set to 'Standard'.


    Click on this field to search and select the relevant Publisher Company that will use this embed code. By default, this field is set according to your Company Context menu our User's owning company.

    Important! This field is will set the BCID (Buyer Company ID) property of the embed code and is responsible for enforcing Content Owner restrictions as well as attributing reports to the selected company. 

  2. Click on the 'Copy Tag Code' button or shortcut. Your player tag embed code is saved to your clipboard and ready for embedding.



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