How to Apply or Change PLAYER CONTROLS

What are Player Controls?

The player controls are the visual interface of the player, responsible for controlling the playback and sound of the videos. There are many control types to choose from, that allow you to define your player's look-and-feel according to your requirements.

Each set of controls can contain playback options such as: Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Playback timeline navigation, Volume controls etc.


Apply or Change your Player Controls

To change your Player Controls, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Go to the 'LOOK & FEEL' tab.


  3. Under the 'LOOK & FEEL' tab go to the 'PLAYER CONTROLS' area and apply the required options according to the following table:

    Important: Click on 'More Settings' to view all the available fields under this area.

    Field Name Description
    Controls Options

    Select the required player controls you want to apply to the player according to the following options:

    • Airy
    • Modern
    • Haymarket
    • Minimalist
    • Dark

    Note: Our promoted 'controls' options include a preview image for easy selection.

    More Controls Clicking on 'View All' opens a search box allowing you to search and select other player controls that are available to your company.
    Controls size The width (W) and height (H) fields allow you to customize the size of your selected player controls.
    Controls location The X horizontal axis and Y vertical axis fields allow you to position the player controls within the player.
    Auto position Selecting this slider will automatically position the controls on the player without needing to change any control location or size values. If you want to manually set this, deselect this slider.
    Controls Alpha Click and drag the value slider or enter a number between 0.0 to 1.0 to define transparency level of the colored background area behind the player controls. 0 = transparent, 1= fully visible.
    Controls color Enter a hexadecimal color code or click on the color box to select a color for the Player controls. This color will highlight the player progress bar and contours of player interface icons.
    Logo URL Enter a URL address of an image or logo you would like to display within the controls bar. This field supports .png files. Any image you choose will be downsized to 32x32 pixels for optimal display in the controls bar.

    Note: Make sure that the image you are using has a transparent background in order to blend in with the controls.
    Logo click URL Enter a Click through URL address to which viewers will be redirected to when clicking on the controls bar logo.
    Chromeless Select this slider to control and hide the control bar's visibility when the user mouses over the player.

  4. Click on 'SAVE'. Your player controls are saved and applied to this player.
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