What are Custom Ad Engines

Custom Ad Engines are in essence ad campaigns that can are defined directly on the Player, unlike Ad Campaigns that can only be assigned to the Player using Ad Sets. This feature gives you a quick way to monetize your Player directly from the Player wizard if you are not interested in more complex waterfall ad serving logic.


Add Custom Ad Engine

To add a Custom Ad Engine to your Player, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select the 'AD SETTINGS' tab.


  3. Under the 'AD SETTINGS' tab, go to the 'CUSTOM AD ENGINES' area.


  4. Click on 'Add Ad Engine'. A new ad engine block is added to your player.

  5. Apply the relevant fields according to the following table:

    Field Name Description
    Name Enter a name for your custom ad engine.
    Ad Vendor

    Select an ad vendor to associate with this custom ad engine.

    Note: If you do not have any predefined ad vendors please refer to How to create an ad vendor.

    Strict site check 

    Selecting this check box will prevent the player from requesting ads from this ad engine if the player's embed code URL parameter value is not identical to players dynamically detected URL when loaded. 

    Note: For further details see How strict site check works.

    Type Select what type/s of ad/s this ad engine should fill from the drop down menu according to the following options:
    • Preroll - Ads that are run at the before a content video.
    • Midroll - Ads that are run during a content video.
    • Overlay - An overlay that is displayed on top of the player during the content video to create engagement with the viewer.
    • All - A combination of more than one of the ad types listed above.
    Expected CPM

    Enter the ECPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) provided by your ad vendor. This value is used for reporting and revenue optimization. This is often an estimate since the ad vendor will often have a floor and expected range. 

    Note: If you do not know the value, please ask your Ad Vendor for this information.

    Priority Boost

    This field is used to boost the priority of the current ad engine (in relation to others if you have added multiple ones), when starting out the ad campaign. The value entered here acts as a multiplier on the Expected CPM without changing the entered value of the 'Expected CPM' field.

    Important! Our ad serving logic prioritizes ad campaign not only based on your defined 'Priority boost' and 'CPM', but also on the ad campaign's performance since it has begun. This means that if the ad campaign has already started, the 'Priority boost' cannot be used to prioritize your ad campaigns on the fly. For further details see Priority calculation.

    URL Enter the required inventory source URL address. This is most commonly a VAST API request that is provided by your ad vendor. An error message is displayed if an unsupported URL is entered.

    Note: All ad request URLs must include a protocol declaration of http:// or https://.
    Impression tracker

    This field allows you to apply a custom tracking pixel URL address that will record an impression each time this ad engine loads an ad in the player.

    Note: Custom macros can be included in the impression tracker. For more information and steps of implementation, see Passing Custom Macros from the Player Tag to Third Party Tag.

    Parse logic This field is not in use.
    Allow Multiburn Selecting this check box will allow this ad engine to request ads when multiple identical players have been implemented on the same page.
    Uses Shim

    Selecting this check box will define this ad engine as using a VPAID shim.

    Note: The Ad vendor screen has an identical check box to this.
    If the 'Uses shim' check box is not selected in the custom ad engine level, it will inherit this definition from the Ad vendor settings screen if the 'Uses shim' check box is selected there. For example: If the ad vendor is defined as "Uses Shim" and the ad campaign is not selected, the ad campaign will inherent the "Uses Shim" selection even though the checkbox is not selected.

    Note: For further details see What is a VPAID shim?


    Selecting this check box will set this custom ad engine as available for use with in this specific Player

    Note: Keep this check box deselected if your custom ad engine settings have not been completed, or if you wish to deactivate this inventory source request.

    Use Inline Player

    Selecting this check box will apply the Mobile Ad Autoplay functionality to this custom ad engine, allowing ads to autoplay on mobile devices without any user interaction.

    Note: For further details, please see How to Setup Preroll Mobile Ad Autoplay for Mobile Devices.

    Sync Group Name

    This field is used to aggregate custom ad engines that are requested from the same ad vendor (for example, multiple ad campaigns from Entering a name in this field will prioritize ad requests from the same ad vendor (that have been given the same 'Sync group name')  to prevent too many ad requests from going out at the same time.

    This field is used to designate two or more ad campaigns that cannot be loaded at the same time.  By assigning a sync group name to a series of ad campaigns, this will ensure that they are never requested/loaded at the same time within the player.

    Note: If this field is left blank, it will inherent the ad campaign's ad vendor's sync group name.

    Note: For further details see What are sync group names.

  6. Optional: Repeats steps 4-5 to add any additional custom ad engines to this player.

  7. Click on 'SAVE'. Your custom ad engine is added and saved to the player.
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