How to Apply or Change a CAROUSEL

What are Carousels?

Carousels are additional video panes within a player intended to engage viewers and allow them to choose the next videos they might want to watch. There are many carousels to choose from, but we promote three main ones in the Player Wizard which are easy to apply with a single click:

  • Bottom Related.
  • Side Related.
  • Hidden Side Related. 


Apply or Change your Player Carousel Options

To apply or change your Player playback options, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one.


  2. Verify that the 'BASIC INFO' tab is displayed.

    Note: By default, the basic info tab of the player wizard is displayed when viewing or editing a player.


  3. Under the 'BASIC INFO' tab, scroll down to the 'CAROUSEL' area.

  4. Optional: Click on 'More Carousels' to search for additional carousel options available under your company.


  5. Select the required Carousel option according to the following table:

    Icon Field Name Description
    Carousel_icon_2.jpg No Carousel Select this option to not display any carousel on your player.
    Carousel_icon_1.jpg Bottom Related Select this option to display a related video carousel under the main video area in your player.
    Carousel_icon_4.jpg Side Related Select this option to display an always visible related video carousel to the right of the video area in you player.
    Carousel_icon_3.jpg Hidden Side Related Select this option to display an expandable related video carousel that will overlap the right side of your video area in your player. 

  6. Optional: After applying a Carousel you can click on 'Settings' to change the configuration properties of your selected carousel.

  7. Click on 'SAVE'. Your carousel is saved and applied to this player.
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