How to Add Geo Clicks to Your Video


The Geo Clicks field allows you to set a customized click-through URL address including a variety of 3rd party tracking pixels that will apply to the Player when it is viewed in a specific geographic location.

For example, you can set a localized click-through to a German website when the player is clicked on by a viewer in Germany.

Note: you can add Geo Clicks for either one or multiple countries.

Note: The 3rd party tracking URLs will be triggered by according to the supported Player events.


Adding Geo Clicks to a Video

To add a click-through URL or 3rd party tracking pixels by geographic location to your video, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the video edit page by either Uploading a new video or Editing an existing one.


  2. Go to the 'MORE DATA' tab.

  3. Click on 'Add Geo Click' under the 'GEO CLICKS' field to open Geo Clicks popup window.


  4. Search and select the relevant geographic location in the 'Country' field, to which your geo clicks and URLs will apply to.

  5. Go to the 'Click URL' field and enter the click-through URL address of the website, to which viewers will be redirected to when clicking on the video in the defined country geo location.

    Note: This setting will override any click-through settings defined on the Player level.

    Note: You must enter both a 'Country' and 'Click URL' to save these settings.

  6. Optional: Enter any 3rd party tracking URLs that will apply in the selected geo location, according to the following options:

    Note: Scroll down in the popup window to view all the fields that are available.

    Field Description
    Clickable Time in Seconds Enter the required time in seconds to delay the activation of the Click URL.
    Click Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking clicks.

    Note: This field is for a click tracking URL, not a click-through URL to be redirected to.
    Impression Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking impressions.
    25% Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking when viewers reach 25% of the video playback.
    50% Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking when viewers reach 50% of the video playback.
    75% Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking when viewers reach 75% of the video playback.
    100% Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking when viewers complete playback of the whole video.
    View Enter a 3rd party URL for tracking views.

    Note: you can add multiple URLs per field by pressing enter/return or applying comma separators.

  7. Click on 'SAVE' in the Geo Clicks popup window. The geo click is added to your video.


  8. Click on 'SAVE'. The geo clicks are saved to your video.
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