What is the Company Context Menu?

The Company Context menu allows you to select a Company under which you will create new entities, such as Videos, Players, Playlists etc. Additionally, this controls what default properties will apply to each new entity as it depends on the selected company's default settings.

Note: The Company Context menu will allow you to select any company you have access to. By default the Company your user resides under will be available as well as any other Assigned Companies defined on your User.




How Does the Company Context Help?
The Company Context menu is extremely useful for Editors that have access to multiple companies (White Labels and/or Affiliates).

The best way to describe it is using the following example:
Let's say you're an Editor user under the 'MyBrand' White Label Company.
Additionally, 'MyBrand' holds several Affiliate Companies that are used to manage it's content such as: 'MyBrand News', 'MyBrand Sports' and 'MyBrand Fashion'.

Note: The White Label does not hold any content videos.

By default, your Editor user's company context is set to the 'MyBrand' White Label because that is the company under which your user resides. But as mentioned before, content videos are not uploaded to the White Label but to the relevant Affiliate Companies.

Now, let's say, that today you need to upload 20 videos and create 5 playlists under the 'MyBrand News' Affiliate Company. Instead of settings the 'Company' field manually each time you upload a video or each time you create a playlist, you can simply go to the 'Company Context Menu' and set your context to the 'MyBrand News' Affiliate Company. From that moment on, all actions will be automatically associated with the 'MyBrand News' Affiliate. This includes uploading videos, creating Playlists or any other entity.
In just 2 clicks you have saved 25 field settings that are now autocompleted for you.
And if now you need to switch the context to your original White Label, or even to the 'MyBrand Fashion' Affiliate, you can do that right away.


Company Context Menu Components

The following diagram and explanation describe the fields and areas available in the Company Context Menu.


  • Set Company Field - The 'Set Company' field allows you to activate/deactivate the company selection option in the Company Context Menu:
    • When active - This will allow you to search and select Companies you have access to and set them as your User's Company Context. When creating a new entity, the owning Company field will inherit your defined Company Context.

    • When inactive - Your Company Context will retain it's last selected company. When creating a new entity, the owning Company field will inherit your defined Company Context except for the video upload page.

      Note: When the 'Set Company' field in the Company Context field is inactive, the video upload page 'Company' field will remain blank, forcing you to select the appropriate owner Company.


  • Recent Companies Area - This area displays your four recently selected companies (with the most recent displayed at the top). This allows your to switch between commonly used companies without the need to search for them each time.

    Note: When creating/editing an entity and defining an owner Company, the selected company will be automatically appended to your 'RECENT COMPANIES' list.

  • Company Search Area - This area allows you to search and select companies for your Company Context. By default the owning company of your User and any Assigned Companies your User has access to will be available.


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