How to Add a Subtitle/Closed Captions File/URL to the Video Upload


Subtitles are a textual form of a spoken language that is displayed during the playback of a video (usually at the bottom of the player). Subtitles can be in the same language with the one spoken in the video, to adapt the video for hard-of-hearing people or those who find it difficult to comprehend the spoken language. They can also be provided in another language - as a translation of a dialogue in the foreign language or in order to adapt the video for showing in specific foreign countries.

The following list describes our supported Subtitles files.

  • Timed Text - .ttml / .dfxp / .vfxp (supported also on mobile devices).
  • Web Video Text Tracks -

Note: SRT captions are not supported on mobile.

Adding a Subtitle File

To add a subtitle file or URL to your video, perform the following steps: 

  1. Access the video edit page by either Uploading a new video or Editing an existing one.


  2. Optional (Upload subtitles file): Go to the 'SUBTITLES' field under the 'BASIC INFORMATION' tab and verify that the 'External' slider is not selected. Then click on 'Choose file'. A Finder/Explorer window will allow you to locate and upload a subtitles file from your machine. 


  3. Optional (Link to externally hosted subtitles file): Go to the 'SUBTITLES' field under the 'BASIC INFORMATION' tab and select the 'External' slider. A URL address field is displayed instead of the choose file button. The enter you externally hosted subtitles file URL.


  4. Click on the 'Language' filed and enter the name of your subtitles language in the search field. Relevant search result will display in a drop down menu allowing you to select the required language.

    Note: The subtitle language selector field allows users to find your video according to it's supported language.

  5. Click on 'Add Subtitle'. The subtitle file will start uploading and display an indication progress bar.

    Note: The 'Add Subtitle' field will be available for clicking only after selecting/entering a supported subtitle file format file or URL.

    Note: After the upload has completed, each file/URL will be displayed under the supported language in the Subtitles field.

    Note: You can upload multiple subtitle files and/or URLs.

  6. Click on 'SAVE'. Your video now includes subtitle files.

    Note: Subtitles are viewable in the Player using our Closed Caption capability. For further details, please see What are Closed Captions?

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