How to Add an IAB Category to Your Video


IAB categories are an advertising industry-standard for content classification. In the platform, the IAB categories (taxonomy) is used to classify your videos in order to target appropriate advertisements.

Note: Recently, applying an IAB Category to your video has become a mandatory step to improve your viewer's experience and monetization settings.

Assigning an IAB Category

To add an IAB category to your video, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the video edit page by either Uploading a new video or Editing an existing one.


  2. Click on 'Add category' under the 'IAB Category' field. A drop down menu is displayed.

    Note: When editing an existing video click the existing IAB Category that was previously assigned to the video to open the Category search and selection menu.


  3. Optional (Search for category): Search for a specific IAB category by entering its name and selecting the relevant vertical from the drop down menu. The selected category is displayed under the 'IAB Category' field.


  4. Optional (Navigate for category): Navigate manually through the list of categories using the arrow buttons to drill down and up through the list. Then choose the required category by selecting it's corresponding check box. The selected category is displayed under the 'IAB Category' field.

    Note: For further details on IAB Categories and taxonomy, please visit or view the IAB Category list by clicking here.


  5. Click on 'SAVE'. Your IAB category is now saved to your video.

    Note: The IAB Category field is mandatory. An IAB category must be assigned to the video to save it.

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