Trending and Personalized videos by AOL Relegence

The Video CMS Plugin and Chrome extension have recently been enhanced to include 'Trending' and 'Personalized' videos in collaboration with AOL Relegence.

​AOL ​Relegence's semantic technologies combine the power of taxonomy, natural language processing, and machine learning to classify content and virtually tag what's being published on the world wide web. Using these insights we are able to ​find the best videos ​and ​stories ​that are trending either in the network or by the authors name.

The Discover Tab

The Discover tab in the Video CMS Plugin and Chrome extension now also include two new options to the known 'VIDEO MATCH' area that displays videos according to the title and text of the post:

  • Trending - This area displays videos from our library that match with the top trending stories currently trending on the world wide web.

  • Personalized - This area displays videos that match with any articles or posts on the world wide web
    that were created by you.

    Note: Personalized videos will only be displayed if there are any relevant video results.

    Important! Our personalization engine matches posts by your ​actual ​author name as it appears on published articles​. To ensure this works correctly, please make sure that ​your User's first and last name​s under your User Profile in the Portal are defined correctly and match the author name in your posts.
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