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The Video Library page allows you to browse, search and filter videos that are currently available in the Portal. By Default, this is the first page displayed to you when logging into the Portal, as you are surly looking for new and engaging videos to supplement your sites and articles.

The Video Library page offers the following capabilities:

  • Search - Allowing you to search for videos by name, topic, categories etc.
  • Filtering options - Allowing you to filter your search results and order them according to a variety of criteria.
  • Bulk actions - Allowing you to apply a variety of management actions to one or multiple of videos.
  • Video upload - The ability to upload videos manually specifically for our Content Owner partners.

Note: The Video Library page can also be reached by clicking on 'MEDIA'-->'VIDEOS' or just on 'MEDIA'.

Note: The videos displayed in the Video Library page depend on your Company's Content Visibility, Role permissions and User. You will only be able to view videos that are either publicly available or shared specifically with your company.

Video Library Components

The following image and explanations describe the main components available in the Video Library page:


  • Search - Allows you to search for videos by entering search words, such as a video name, ID etc.

    Note: You can also search for videos using our search syntax. For further details, please see How to Search the Portal.

  • Video Results Indication - Displays the total number of videos displayed in the library page.

  • Sort Results - Allows you to set the order of the video search results according to the following options:
    • Most relevant (default) - Sorts your videos according to their appropriateness to your search query, best matching first.
    • Most recent - Sorts your videos according to the date they become available for publishers in the Portal.
    • Upload date - Sorts your videos according to the date of their upload to the Portal.
    • Release date - Sorts your videos according to their release date.
    • Video views (past 7 days) - Sorts your videos according to the number of views during the last 7 days.
    • Video views (past 30 days) - Sorts your videos according to the number of views during the last 30 days.
    • Video views (overall total) - Sorts your videos according to the total number of views.
    • Curation date - Sorts your videos according to the date of their curation in the Portal.

      Note: Use the arrow button on the right to set the sorting order as either ascending or descending for any of the options except 'Most relevant'.

      Note: When sorting by any one of the Video views options, the video views number on the video card will show the views you selected to sort by. When sorting by any of the date options, the date you selected to sort by will be displayed in the video card.

  • Item Display Size - Allows you to select the display size of the video items according to the following options:
    • Small Item Display - Your video items are displayed small-sized.
    • Medium Item Display - Your video items are displayed medium-sized.
    • Large Item Display - Your video items are displayed large-sized.

  • Grid/List View - Allows you to select a view mode of the video search results according to the following options:
    • Grid View (default) Icon_006.jpg- Displays the videos in a grid form of video thumbnails.
    • List View Icon_007.jpg- Displays the videos in a list form that includes additional details.

  • Upload new video - Clicking on this button will allow you to upload videos to the Portal.

    Note: This option is only available to Content Owner partners.

  • Actions menu - Opens a drop-down list of actions that can be applied to all of the videos displayed in the search results area.

    Note: Bulk actions apply only to videos that were filtered using the search query and not the filtering pane.

  • Filter & Refine pane - Allows you to narrow down your video search results according to specified filtering criteria.

    Note: For more details on applying filters, please see How to use Filtering Options.

  • Video card options - Each video includes a set of option icons that allows you to perform a variety of actions on the video such as: showing a preview, access the video edit page and more. For further details, please see Video Card Options.


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