How to Apply Multivariate (MV) Testing to Your Player

To apply Multivariate testing to your player, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the player wizard by editing an existing player or creating a new one


  2. Click on 'ADVANCED' and select 'MV TESTING' from the drop down menu. The Multivariate Testing tab is displayed.


  3. Optional: Click on 'More settings' to display the available fields above the Multivariate testing table.


  4. Under the 'MV MECHANISM' field, select the required multivariate testing mechanism according to the following options:
    • Swap player (Default) - Click on this button to switch between the actual players when running your MV test.
    • Swap player configuration - Click on this button to serve one and the same player and switch between the player configurations when running your MV test.

      Note: 'Swap player' MV mechanism allows you to edit your variant players however you like, including change of a playlist input, adding macros etc. 'Swap player configuration' MV mechanism, on the other hand, allows you to keep all traffic on one player.

      Note: We recommend to use 'Swap player' MV mechanism at all times. Use 'Swap player configuration' MV mechanism only if you would like to avoid your player traffic fluctuation.

  5. Add a variant player by clicking on one or more of the following options:
    • Duplicate this player - Selecting this option will create a new Player in the system based on the settings of the original player specifically for the MV test. The new player will have a new Player ID, and will be added to the MV Testing table.

      Note: All settings of the MV test player will be identical to the original player, allowing you to edit and manipulate it manually.

    • Add an existing player - Selecting this option will open a drop down search field that will allow you to select an existing player from which the MV test will be able to use its definitions. After selecting a player, the player details will be added to the MV Testing table.

      Important: Changing the definitions of an existing Player for the sake of MV testing will affect the existing Player's embed tags wherever they might have been implemented. Make sure the existing player will not affect your production websites.


  6. Go to each of your variant players and click on their names to open a relevant player edit page in a new tab. Add your required changes and click on 'SAVE'.


  7. Go to each of the Players in the MV Testing table and enter a custom value in each of the '%' fields to define the delivery percent.

  8. In the MV Testing table, review the 'DIFFERENCES' column to see the main differences between each variant and the Original Player.


  9. Optional: Hover over a variant Player in the table to reveal the menu icon. Clicking on the menu will reveal the following options:
    • Edit - Click on this icon to open the variant player wizard in a new browser tab for editing.
    • Remove from MV Test - Click on this icon to remove this variant from the MV Testing table. 

      Note: Removing a variant player from the MV test will not delete the actual player instance. Any new player created using the MV Test will be stored under the Players page in your Company.

  10. Optional: Deselect the 'ENABLE' toggle to stop running your player MV test.

    Note: The 'ENABLE' toggle is active by default.

    Note: The 'ENABLE' toggle deactivates the MV test, but does not delete the original player itself. You can temporarily disable your MV test and activate it later keeping all settings.

  11. Click on 'SAVE'. Your player with MV testing is saved are ready for delivery.

  12. Optional: After applying your MV test you can click on 'VIEW REPORT' to view the MV Test Results. For further details, please see How to View Multivariate Testing Results.
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