How to View Multivariate (MV) Player Testing Report

When clicking on 'VIEW REPORT' in the Player MV Testing tab, a Multivariate Testing report will be displayed in a new browser tab. This allows you to review the overall performance of your Original and Variant players.

How Multivariate Testing Report Looks Like

The MV Testing report is generated with a predefined set of dimensions and metrics that depends on the MV mechanism that was selected for your player.

Two types of MV Testing reports corresponding to the two types of MV mechanism are as follows:

  • MV Test Results (Swap player MV mechanism) - A report is generated by the dimensions 'Player Name' and 'Player ID'. The report will display player impressions, video views, ad views etc. for your original and variant players.

    Note: You can edit your MV testing player report and add any metrics available to your user. All of the applied changes will be saved and available whenever you access your report with the 'VIEW REPORT' button in the player MV testing tab.

  • Player Macros Report (Swap player configuration MV mechanism) - A report is generated by the dimensions 'Macro Value' and 'Macro Type Name'. The 'Macro type name' column will display the '' macro parameter that is used to identify all your variant and original players that were served using your Player embed tag. The 'Macro value' column will display the player ID of each variant including the original player.

    Note: Each one of your variant players (including the original) will pass a '' Player ID value using this macro when applying MV testing to your player.

    Note: You can edit your MV testing macros report, but the number of metrics is limited as compared to MV Testing player report.

    Note: All the other dimensions appearing in the report are described in the Reporting Glossary.

To see MV Testing report examples, click here.


Running Multivariate Testing Report

To manipulate your MV Testing report, perform the following steps:


  1. Optional: Switch between the player name checkboxes to show the report only for the selected player(s).

    Note: By default, the MV Testing report shows original and all variant players.

  2. Optional: Click on the calendar icon to select a Date Range to display. By default, the date range is set to "Today".

  3. Optional: Select the required time zone for your report data.

    Note: For more details on running your report, please refer to How to Run a Report.
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