Welcome to our Brand New Portal Experience!

The new Portal isn’t just a fresh new look, It’s a whole new intuitive experience packed with features. Here are the main innovations now available in the Portal: 


New Menu

Our new hover drop-down menus are faster than ever, allowing you to jump to anywhere in the Portal instantly.


Quick Navigation

‘Quick Navigation’- is a keyboard shortcut activated popup that lets you type, select and go to any place in the Portal, which is extremely useful if you don’t know where everything is by heart. Simply double tap the 'ctrl' button on your keyboard and it will appear. 

Discover Videos

The new videos page allows you to browse content easily with larger thumbnails and more focused details in either grid or list formats. See who uploaded each video, how long ago and what’s the duration at a glance. Clicking on a video will display a live preview instantly including the video’s description, transcript, view statistics etc.

We’ve also redesigned all our video pages making your content much more organized and easily accessible. Switch views between different aspects of your video to see Basic information, Restrictions, Monetization settings and much more.


Multiple Upload

Our new upload page allows you to upload multiple videos at once with a simple drag & drop action. You can also select multiple files manually using an Explorer or Finder window or even enter external source video URLs. While your upload is taking place, you can go to each video and add metadata without the stopping the process.

Edit Videos

Our new video edit pages are organized and easy to use, allowing you to focus on adding the metadata you need.



The New Player Wizard

A brand new wizard that makes player design a truly click and play experience.
See your changes on the fly with a live preview without the need to click apply or save. Carousels are now fully dynamic and responsive allowing you to set them up with just one click. No more scrolling through control bar lists, simply click on the one you want and it’s there.


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